Forum Lives Again

Those of you who have been following Lipe Imagination?from the beginning will remember the first big project we started was a forum.

It was originally located at the structure of that url will tell you how old school the original project was. In the beginning it was semi-popular. Getting 50 posts on busy days ,it was of interest to many people from my network and some curious outsiders.

A couple of years ago the forum had become neglected and forgotten.

A Year ago it was redesigned with a new google friendly url structure and vast coding improvements with plans to grow. Alas, it was forgotten and left with coding errors.

We had become so busy here, there was no longer even a formal link to the forum from our main site.?It was still getting traffic directed from google each week. I expected the traffic to die off over time, but I has continued to be steady. I recently received an email thanking me for information on the forum that made someone’s project much easier. I decided it was time to dust off the project.

Now here we are coming up on 4 years since the founding of Lipe Imagination and the Forum Lives Again!?I have gone through the code and fixed (“hopefully”) all the errors and added a couple of enhancements. The first enhancement you will notice is all the post forms now include a full WYSIWYG editor. For those not familiar, it means you can format your text and easily add links and images.

I started a thread for suggestions for new features and ideas. Please use it!

The Forum is now linked from our main site once again and can be reached at

Lipe Imagination Forum

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